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Friday, November 22, 2013

PhD "Hiatus"

I've been writing.  I've just been writing academic papers.  It's been great, a trial, a triumph, time consuming.  I am currently in my 3rd semester as a PhD student (Rhetorics, Communication and Information Design @ Clemson U.) and am initiating the freak-out mode for paper writing.

However, this may answer, "why is she even posting?" (and don't answer procrastination, although you may be partially correct) - one of my projects will be a short story.  One of which I started thinking about the beginning of the semester, and I'm happy to see where it's going - it's a fictional account of some of the things I've been struggling with in building my own profession, both for the profession, and being a woman (not just dealing with minor discrimination, but rather my own feelings of limitation).  I'm calling it "Bridge Walking" for the main theme of the absurd amount of walking I do over bridges wherever I've lived.  Not sure if I'll be trying to turn this into an iBook kinda thing with pictures and widgets considering the time allowed, but I might consider that for later...

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