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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Calling Out Narcissists

Self reflection and internal dialogues,
normative judgments of agreed upon social hierarchies
which you self categorize in your own head.
Stop it.


Not that you can, or that anyone else can.
You are at least aware of this internal dialogue,
or even when you talk to yourself out loud sometimes
in public.

But when you realize how safe your devolved liberalism doctrine is
(thank you Descartes for the excuse to think)
in your own head, why would you want to go outside
to argue your point?  You are already right, either way you look at it
between you and yourself.

There is no reason
to try and have a debate with someone else

Why are you poking me?

Like I was musing before to myself, You...
Politics, religion, real discussion,
is best kept up for Yourself. 
Well I mean, myself. 
I do like to discuss it with me, I am my own best conversant.

is with you? 
What do you want?  Stop poking me.

Fine.  What are you saying to me?
You like to debate too? 
Real debate.  You couldn't handle real debate.
No, I'm not being snottish, I just know that you'd
punch me in the nose for some of the things that I

Try you? 
What are you talking about?
As if you'd understand why I think the way I do...

Do I understand it, you ask?
let me think about it
before I get back to you...

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