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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Quiz-Show Philosophy

Who needs the college degree
when you have quiz shows?
The fancy letters behind your name,
perhaps the prestigous school association?

Just get on that quiz show
and your notoriety will shoot higher
than any academic conference could hope
with the common household.

Grandmothers will love you for your wit
more than the twits in competition
for your tenure-track spot.
Instead, compete with the jocks, the airplane pilots and the college students
in the carnivalesque race of your life!
Topsy-turvey fame, nothing as you knew it, the scandals from the tabloids
will make you wrought with interest - for the valiant home-town star!  For that guy at the office!
Go for the jackpot!  We know you can do it!  All our hopes and dreams are pinned on you,
our lucky star.

But these hopes are the philosophy of those same grandmothers
who watch to learn, when school was barred for them.
They feel they're too old, or the schools too highfalutin.
But TV quiz shows?  What trivia!  What fun! 
The thrills when they get something right, and the dejection when it's wrong.
It's this kind of iconoclastic framework that they participate in, they are drawn to
because the schools are nothing
but trivia to them,
not worth the time slot.

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