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Sunday, February 6, 2011

AWP seedlings

Just came back from AWP conference in DC, buzzing with ideas and new leads.
Current project ideas stirring about include a Tea Partier (male, revolutionary war costume) and a Code Pinker (female, black t-shirt, pink feather boa and matching tiara) who go through the odd sensation of being attracted to one another, while simultaneously separating through boasting about their causes, yet having a philosophical discussion that shows the scope of their goals within that group. In the background are both corporate/gov employees carrying signs with random protests on them, and military carrying props like toilet seats, balloons, lampshades and hammers. Occassionally they stop to play catch and do other things that don't mesh with the main conflict in the forefront. The main themes are absurdity with real/serious issues, and problems of lemming-ism tempered by the power of numbers of people organizing. I'd love to get someone like Travis or the Constellations to do some tracks for it.

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